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What questions do patients ask most about dental implants?

At Hertford Dental Care, we are delighted to be a leading provider of exceptional quality dental care, including the widely popular Hertfordshire dental implants. We are not surprised at the interest we receive for Hertfordshire dental implants as this missing teeth replacement option has been found to be an excellent choice. Patients who qualify for Hertfordshire dental implants benefit from a number of in-demand positive aspects such as comfort, durability, stability and pleasing aesthetic value.


There are many things patients like to ask about our artificial tooth replacement implants, so we thought to bring to attention some of the more frequently asked questions.

Most common questions asked about implant dentistry

What do dental implant treatments consist of?

There are typically two parts to the artificial teeth implant treatment process: the surgical implantation procedure and the insertion of the dental crown after a period of healing has passed.

Once our implant dentists are assured of gum health and jawbone density, a patient is ready to undergo the implantation procedure, where a metal screw-like device is strategically inserted into the most ideal position in the jawbone.

Over time, this implant device takes root into the jawbone and becomes a ‘natural’ part of the mouth. This is one of the most advantageous features of the tooth restorative treatment and is responsible for many of the benefits on offer, in particular, the advantages of stability and confidence to eat without fear of embarrassment.

How do you clean and care for a tooth implant?

Patients are always delighted to hear that natural-looking teeth implants are maintained in the same way that human teeth are, with daily brushing and flossing in addition to professional dental check-ups.

Are there any food restrictions to be aware of?

This is another answer that gets patients quite excited. As the implants are reliably secured into the jawbone and have minimal chance of moving out of position, patients can eat whatever foods they like.

How many implants do I need?

The answer to this question can only be determined during a consultation appointment in which our implant dentist will carefully examine a patient’s situation. We will discuss all details of the treatment plan including the number of implants required, as well as where implants are to be inserted to restore full function to your mouth.

Will others be able to tell if I have teeth implants?

Artificial teeth implants resemble natural human teeth in form and function and so one cannot easily tell them apart from the other teeth in the mouth. This perfect complement of looks and structure is one of the reasons why both patients and dentists have made this treatment option their go-to missing teeth replacement choice.

Who is a suitable candidate for implant dentistry?

We require all implant dentistry patients to be in good dental health with healthy gums and good jawbone density. Certain medical conditions like uncontrolled diabetes may present challenges and patients need to disclose accurate information regarding their medical histories.

For answers to all other questions such as cost of treatment and how long the process takes, please arrange for a consultation at Hertford Dental Care, as answers will relate to the individual case of each patient. 

Why are dental implants the best option to replace missing teeth?

The loss of your natural teeth can have serious implications for your health – dental, physical and mental. A single tooth lost because of an accident or even due to decay may result in eating and speaking challenges, not to mention the adverse effect on your ability to smile confidently.


When it comes to artificial tooth replacement devices, many patients worry most about how natural these look when worn. With dental implants Hertfordshire, this concern becomes null and void, as this missing teeth replacement solution is designed so as to perfectly resemble natural human teeth.

It is incredibly difficult to tell the difference between dental implants Hertfordshire and natural teeth – a plus point that has promoted this alternative solution to replace lost teeth as a viable treatment plan for those who meet the criteria.

In addition to the sought after aesthetic value of natural-looking artificial teeth, there are plenty of other desirable benefits to opting for dental implants Hertfordshire to replace teeth that are missing. We take a look at some of the more significant advantages on offer.

Advantages of choosing dental implants

Clinically proven missing teeth replacement option

Artificial tooth implants are clinically proven to be a safe and effective treatment. Our implant dentists are required to make sure that a patient meets all the basic requirements to receive implants. This step is absolutely critical for the treatment to be a success and produce desired outcomes.

Contributes to greater jawbone health and structure

The loss of natural teeth can lead to the loss of jawbone density. As the jawbone is living tissue, it needs to be constantly stimulated to remain strong and healthy. This stimulation comes from the tooth roots that are embedded in the jawbone and when teeth and accompanying roots are lost, the jawbone loses its source of stimulation. The metal roots of artificial implants work to preserve the integrity of jawbone quality.

Protects surrounding teeth

Dental practitioners favour implant dentistry, because this treatment is kinder to neighbouring natural teeth compared to conventional treatments used to replace missing teeth. When teeth fall out and the gaps are not filled in with an appropriate tooth replacement solution, this can cause teeth on either side of the gap to move out of position. When this happens, a patient may find that they need orthodontic treatment to correct this.

Stable and secure

Artificial teeth implants are by far the most stable and secure of all missing teeth replacement treatment options. Seeing that the implants are set into the jawbone, there is very little risk of the implants moving about, which means patients can eat what they like without fearing their restorative device will fall out.

Stress-free oral hygiene maintenance

Dental implants are cleaned in the exact same way natural teeth are cleaned: brushing with a toothbrush at least twice a day in addition to flossing.

Visit us at Hertford Dental Care for a full range of dental treatments including implant dentistry. Our highly experienced dental practitioners focus on delivering a patient-centred approach to quality dental care that is second to none.

Commonly asked questions about Hertfordshire Dental Implants

Advancements in modern dental technologies and equipment have answered the call for natural-looking, aesthetically pleasing and durable Hertfordshire Dental Implants that offer a longer-lasting dental solution to replace missing teeth. Now available at Hertford Dental Care, Hertfordshire Dental Implants joins the impressive line-up of reliable treatments and procedures that promote the oral health and dental aesthetic goals of our patients. Clinically proven and entirely safe, Hertfordshire Dental Implants give patients back the confidence to smile widely once again and, what cannot be overstated enough the full ability to bite and chew those foods that were once avoided.


For patients who have just discovered the benefits of artificial tooth replacement implants, we have answered some of the more pertinent questions you may have.

What you need to know about dental implants

How do dental implants work?

To answer this question, it is best to look at the unique design of an artificial tooth replacement implant. The efficacy of dental implants lies in its structure that consists of a metal screw implanted into the jawbone and the dental crown or cap placed on top is responsible for tooth function and aesthetic value.

The metal screw attached to the jawbone provides a solid anchor for the artificial tooth, leaving very little chance of it moving out of place. And the natural-looking artificial tooth resembles human teeth in look and function – patients can talk and eat without embarrassment.

Who qualifies as a suitable candidate?

Almost anyone can benefit from implant dentistry, however, they would need to pass a set of criteria. The criteria a patient must meet is important for establishing the success and longevity of the treatment. Our experienced implant dentist will thoroughly examine a patient’ dental health including questions regarding physical health and underlying chronic conditions.

Can dental implants fall out?

Our implant dentist will make sure that there is sufficient jawbone quality and gum health before carrying out the implant procedure. These steps are critical for the implant to fuse into the jawbone, holding it in place. Provided that the patient looks after their dental health as recommended, the likelihood of the implant falling out is very slim.

How are artificial tooth implants maintained?

The stress-free maintenance involved in caring for implants is one of its greatest advantages. Not much else is needed apart from dentist-recommended brushing, flossing and routine in-clinic dental check-ups. It is not advisable for patients to miss out on these appointments as poor oral health will threaten the lifespan of the implants.

What does the treatment process look like?

The actual process depends on the assessment of the dental practitioner. A patient who meets all the basic prerequisites – good oral health, gums free of infection and that are healthy and of adequate jawbone density – will enjoy a streamlined process. If these conditions are not met, patients will need additional dental treatment first such as bone grafting or treating gum disease before implantation can successfully take place.

Make Hertford Dental Care your preferred choice for all your cosmetic and general dentistry needs. We have a highly experienced and well-skilled in-house implant dentist available.

What are some of the most common questions patients ask about Dental Implants Hertfordshire?

On the list of top dental enquiries, we receive at Hertford Dental Care, are about our services in Dental Implants Hertfordshire. We have found that once patients learn of the incredible benefits offered by Dental Implants Hertfordshire, it becomes their preferred method for replacing missing teeth.

dental-implants hertfordshire

For patients who want to once again smile their best possible smile or eat with renewed confidence, we have compiled a list of some of the frequently asked questions that patients have about Dental Implants Hertfordshire to help you get started.

The facts you need to know about dental implants

In essence, what is a tooth replacement implant?

Tooth replacement implants distinguish themselves from other traditional missing teeth replacement options by their design and approach to solving this problem. The approach used is to mirror the precise look and feel of a natural tooth with an artificial one. The design, therefore, caters to this need: the two-part design (that is very similar to an actual tooth) consists of a screw-like metal rod that is surgically inserted into the jawbone, offering a reliable anchor to the tooth-like crown or cap that is placed on top.

Who is eligible for artificial tooth replacement implants?

A top concern of the supervising dental practitioner is the general oral health of the patient. Almost any patient can receive artificial tooth replacement implant treatment provided they meet with the minimum oral health requirements: good jawbone density, no underlying dental problems and good overall physical health (patients who have certain chronic conditions like diabetes may encounter some additional challenges). A dental practitioner will have to carry out a comprehensive assessment to determine suitability for this dental solution.

Is this a suitable solution to replace more than one tooth?

Yes. Depending on their need, patients can replace a single tooth or a full set of missing teeth.

Will others be able to detect I have an artificial tooth implant?

Generally speaking, there is very little to distinguish between an artificial tooth replacement implant so most people will not know whether a patient has received treatment or not.

It is, of course, for the best possible results to opt for a dental practitioner with the relevant credentials and experience in this type of cosmetic dentistry. Our proficient implant dentists at Hertford Dental Care clinic welcome patient requests for more information on our track record and the results we have achieved for other patients.

What is the cost of artificial tooth implant treatment?

At Hertford Dental Care, we don’t believe there is a one-size-fits-all treatment plan for all patients. We appreciate the uniqueness of each patient and so ensure we provide each patient with a tailor-made treatment plan specifically targeted to meeting their exact needs. This means that the cost for each patient’s treatment plan will differ depending on the current situation of their oral health (underlying conditions will have to be treated first as this will impact on the success of the treatment) and whether they will need additional procedures (such as bone grafting) performed before implantation can take place.

Would you like a comprehensive cosmetic dental treatment plan specifically tailored for you? At our Hertford Dental Care clinic, we have well-qualified and highly experienced dental practitioners at your service.

Dental Implants in Hertfordshire: Visit Hertford Dental Care for award-winning treatment!

If you have missing teeth, it is likely that you are feeling self-conscious about them. For aesthetic reasons, you may be considering getting something done about it and that’s an important factor for doing so. But, replacing missing teeth is also essential for your oral health; fitting replacement teeth protects your other natural teeth as well as your gums and jaw bone. At Hertford Dental Care, we are proud of Dr Black’s credentials with the Implant Diploma from The Royal College of Surgeons and he was a finalist in the National Dentistry awards 2015 for his work with full mouth replacements using implants. Getting Dental Implants in Hertfordshire with us as Hertford Dental Care and our 80 years experience can be a reassuring choice.

dental-implants hertfordshire

What are dental implants?

If you’ve been looking for Dental Implants in Hertfordshire already, the chances are you’ve heard what they are. If you haven’t, get ready to be excited! If you have missing teeth, dental implants offer the next best thing to your natural teeth. They consist of titanium screws that are attached to the jaw bone. The screws act as artificial roots for your replacement teeth. They are firmly fixed in place to which crowns, bridges or dentures may be attached. You can have a single tooth replaced, as well as several or a whole set.

What are the advantages of choosing dental implants?

There are lots of reasons to choose dental implants. As they are firmly fixed into position, you can eat and drink whatever you like – so there’ll be no eating soup and soft sandwiches for you; bring on the steak! Also, maintaining implants is nice and easy as you can simply brush and floss regularly as you would do with your natural teeth. The other benefit, alongside protecting your gums and natural teeth by filling in the gap, is that your replacement teeth will look like your natural teeth as well, so people won’t realise that you don’t have a full set of natural teeth. Replacement teeth will be made to match the natural colour of your other teeth, plus they will be shaped to fit in with the size and shape of your other teeth.

Having dental implants fitted can be done under local anaesthetic. This means that if you have difficulties with general anaesthetic like nausea, you won’t need to contend with that. If you are a nervous patient, we are also highly experienced to help you through this. We can offer you extra sedation should you require this as well.

Anything else I need to know?

In order to assess if dental implants are right for you, you will need to book in for a consultation with us so we can check your teeth. We may need to take x-rays and give you a full oral examination. Sometimes, people don’t have enough bone density in their jaw to enable implants to be fitted, but we can do a bone graft in order to sort this out. By having a consultation, we can check whether or not this is required and talk to you about your treatment plan that will be tailored to your needs. You can also ask us any questions you may have about the suggested route to ensure that you feel confident in the suggested process.

So, if you want a super smile, contact us at Hertford Dental Care and see if implants could be the treatment for you.

I am unhappy with my smile?

A smile can be one of your most important assets and having it not looking its best could cause you to lose confidence in it. There are a number of different reasons why you may not be happy with your smile. Is the fact that you have a missing tooth, or even missing teeth, one of the reasons that you are not happy with your smile? If so, we can help you get your full set of teeth back and along with them, your self-confidence. This article will take you through how dental implants could help you, how they are fitted, how you should take care of them, as well as what you should do next.


Could dental implants help me?

We firmly believe that if you have had the unfortunate loss of teeth then Hertfordshire dental implants could be the perfect service to make your smile complete again. It can often be a necessary and effective treatment to ensure the overall health of your mouth. Gaps in your smile can cause issues for the structural integrity of your jaw and face. For this reason it is a good idea to replace missing teeth to ensure that teeth do not begin to move around in the mouth and cause further dental issues. An implant can be used as a root on which to build a new tooth and this can have a dramatic effect on your oral health.

How are they fitted?

Hertfordshire dental implants are fitted in a way that provides you with peace of mind about your new set of teeth. The implant itself is a small screw that is placed into the jaw with great precision. The screw is then given time, over a series of months to be able to incorporate into the jaw and fuse with the bone. This gives a stable and long lasting platform for the new tooth to be placed on top of. Depending on the types of tooth you have lost and the placement within your mouth, you could find yourself with a new crown, bridge or denture.

Will they last?

Hertfordshire dental implants are designed to last a lifetime, provided that they are looked after in the correct way. Your dentist will ensure that you are aware of the correct technique to look after your brand new smile and keep it as healthy looking as possible for as long as possible. You can be assured that your new tooth will look, act and feel very much like the tooth that you unfortunately lost. However, you do not have to worry about the tooth succumbing to erosion and infection like a natural tooth.

What should I do next?

If you think that this treatment sounds like something that you and your smile could benefit from then you should consider getting in contact with us here at Hereford Dental Care so we can begin to support you and your smile into becoming compatible again. A strong and healthy smile is something that we strive to give all of our patients and you certainly will not be disappointed. We cannot wait to help you smile again.

What are dental implants?

Essentially, dental implants in Hertfordshire are a substitute for a natural root of a tooth and they are commonly in a screw shape and sometimes can be cylinder shaped. They can be used to create a firm and stable root for a new tooth to be sculpted on top of. A bridge, a crown or dentures can be placed on top of the implant. If you have a missing tooth then you could benefit from this treatment and you could find your smile is whole again.


Dental implants have been specially designed and refined so your smile can be completed again. This article will discuss how dental implants are fitted in the mouth as well as why we think this treatment could be for you.You should hopefully be able to use this article to decide on whether you wish to go ahead with this treatment or not. There are many treatments that can replace missing teeth and the implants are only one of them, however many patients have found this to be the most effective and maybe you could find them useful too.

How are they fitted?

Dental implants in Hertfordshire are fitted in a specific way in order to be a long term investment into your smile. The implant is firstly placed at the socket of the missing tooth and then time is given for the implant to incorporate into the jaw. Initial stability is therefore provided so the root can be stable for the new tooth to be built onto. Over time the stability is increased as the bone fuses to the implant.

Once the implant has been incorporated into the bone the new tooth can be placed on top of the implant. This will create the finished look of a complete and healthy smile. The new tooth is designed specially to fit in with the rest of the smile so the smile looks healthy and complete. If this treatment is beginning to sound like something that you may want to consider then you should consider reading onto the next section to discover what you should do next.

What should I do next?

You should consider calling us here at Hertford Dental Care so we can begin to help you to complete your smile again. If you decide that dental implants in Hertfordshire could be for you then you would be joining over 400 other dental implants that have been fitted so you can be assured that you are in the best hands possible. To also assure you that you are choosing the best provider we are a Dentistry Awards finalist and we are a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons.

It’s not only us who admire the service that we offer but instead we also have revived 4.5 stars from our previous patients so you can be assured that your implants have come highly recommended. Here at Hertford Dental Care, we believe that everyone should have a smile that they are proud of and we strongly believe that this treatment could be the one that allows you to be happy with your complete smile again.

What are the benefits of Hertfordshire dental implants

There are a lot of ways in which Hertfordshire dental implants can offer both preventive benefits as well as the obvious restorative ones. We can explain some of the benefits briefly here with you so that you are able to gauge the relevance and importance for your own health and wellbeing in relation to your oral health.


Firstly, it is important to understand why having a complete set of teeth improves your general health and wellbeing. As the body is a holistic entity, meaning that everything is intimately linked with one another, even in ways we don’t fully understand or know about completely yet, there are certainly opportunities for your oral health to have an impact, or be impacted by your general health.

We know now that gum disease and heart disease are linked. We can also find a significant correlation between mental health and missing teeth. Theories have been made on these two relationships, but they remain simply that at this stage, theories.

On a more understandable level, when your oral health isn’t the best and you have missing teeth, your nutritional needs may not be met as easily as they once were. It can be difficult to bite and chew harder foods and you also may not be chewing food up appropriately which can lead to digestive issues.

What are some preventive benefits of this treatment?

Hertfordshire dental implants can prevent the natural loss of bone that occurs after you lose any of your natural teeth. In turn, this bone loss can change the shape of your face as well as disrupt the stability of your remaining teeth, causing a flow-on effect where subsequent teeth can be lost.

We acknowledge that your jaw bone needs to be stimulated appropriately for your body to continue regenerating cells there. Dentures or simple missing teeth no longer stimulate your jaw bone and as a result it begins to slowly break down. Although this is natural, over time you will experience complications, either with your existing dentures or with your remaining teeth. Only Hertfordshire dental implants are a suitable teeth replacement system that prevents this jaw bone recession.

Let’s discuss the restorative benefits

When you replace your missing teeth or stabilize your dentures using this implant treatment, you are allowing your smile to return back to near full functionality again. This means that you will be able to bite and chew with ease as well as comfortably talk and laugh without fear of your appearance or losing your teeth on your plate!

Restoring your smile will have a significantly positive impact on your self-esteem as well as your general health and wellbeing. Although we do stress that it is important to seek replacing any missing teeth as quickly as possible to limit the negative impacts that will be apparent to your wellbeing, we also believe that it is better late than never. So please get in touch with us regarding your personal situation to see what we can do about replacing your teeth and improving your smile.

Enjoying dental implants Hertfordshire

Yes, life can be more enjoyable again when you do not have to be worried about your dentures slipping or falling out of place when you eat, laugh or talk. Even if you’re missing a single tooth in a visible place, you may find that your self-esteem keeps you from expressing yourself as you would like.


We don’t think this is acceptable at all. Your smile should be an expression of who you are and your opportunity to share joy with your loved ones, friends and even acquaintances. If you feel like your smile does not represent your true self and are self conscious about your missing teeth or slipping dentures, then dental implants Hertfordshire will certainly be a life changer for you.

We use dental implants Hertfordshire for many different patients. Patients can be adults of any age, or limitations extend more to the overall health condition of our patients more so than how old they are. You however must be an adult, ensuring that your jaw bone has finished growing before we would consider this treatment as an option.

It is important that all of our patients understand the risk factors that could be unique to their personal situation. Firstly, because a minor surgical procedure is required, there is a risk here, however small. We need to ensure that your body is capable of healing from this to limit your discomfort and to reduce the possibility of infection.

Therefore, people who have gum disease, are undergoing radiation or chemotherapy treatment, who have diabetes or other such conditions may need to have them controlled or the treatments finished before we can move on with restoring your smile.

Also, for those people in particular who have worn dentures for a long time and find that they no longer fit as they used to, a scan of your jaw will tell us the extent of the jaw bone degradation.

When wearing dentures, your jaw bone is no longer stimulated as it once was with natural teeth and their roots, so the bone no longer replenishes as it once did. This means that over time, the bone recedes. If this has occurred for too long, you will find that your bone will not be strong enough to support the implant.

Not to worry however! We only need to investigate to see whether you would be suitable for a bone graft, which places either human, animal or synthetic bone tissue in its place where we will, once this has healed, insert the titanium rod which then over time fuses with bone to create a durable and long lasting bond.

As you can see, there are so many different ways that we can enable our patients to restore their smile back to full functionality again with the use of dental implants Hertfordshire. A single tooth can easily be replaced, as can several missing teeth all the way up to denture stabilisation and ‘same day teeth’, a procedure that we offer that, as its name suggests, offers a complete new smile all in a single day’s work.