Regain your youthful smoothness with Botox in Hertford

Many people are finding that the natural extension of cosmetic dentistry is facial rejuvenation. It is as if having had their smiles enhanced, they now see that their faces could do with some smoothing out to set off their new pearly whites. Most people, however, are not willing to spend a fortune on a facial surgery when they can have temporary rejuvenation treatments that are just as effective.

botox-in-hertfordSome people have regular treatments, others have them for a special occasion, such as a wedding. If you want to benefit from a more youthful appearance by having Botox in Hertford, then come along to Hertford Dental Care.

Botox in Hertford is available from us as one way to create a more youthful face. Botox is the brand name for a product containing an active ingredient called botulinum type A toxin. Botox in Hertford is an affordable solution for many people who want to brighten up their appearance.

Botox works by smoothing out facial lines. It is injected into areas with wrinkles, such as the vertical frown lines between the eyebrows, the crow’s feet around the eyes and surprise lines across the forehead. The Botox then blocks the impulses that run along the nerves to the muscles, telling them to contract. It slowly takes effect over the next few days, effectively paralysing the tiny muscles holding the wrinkle in place; they smooth out and disappear.

More and more dental practices, such as Hertford Dental care are offering offer Botox. In Hertford, people can see why coming to their dental practitioner for this facial aesthetic treatment makes sense.

Dentists have studied for many years to gain the knowledge and experience to be able to confidently work with the anatomy of the muscles, nerves and tendons in the face and neck. The deep understanding of how all these parts of the body work together and influence each other means that dental practitioners can deliver Botox with precision and accuracy.

Treatments take 5 — 10 minutes per area being treated. That subtly smooth new look will last you for about four months. Therefore, we recommend Botox treatments are topped up every three to six months.