Three reasons why people get dermal fillers at the dentist

Choosing dermal fillers to enhance the way that you look is now very easy because you can elect to have them at your local dental practice. At Hertford Dental Care, we offer dermal fillers in Hertford at our clinic so that patients can address issues they have with the appearance of certain areas of skin on their faces. Getting a procedure like this done at your dentist is a sensible option because of the professional medical experience of your dental team.


Giving yourself a pick-me up ahead of a big occasion or getting dermal fillers as a regular treat is something you want to have done with a practitioner you can trust. People need to choose on the basis of qualifications, experience and willingness to answer any questions and we can offer you assurance on all of these fronts when you have dermal fillers in Hertford Dental Care clinic.


One of the normal patient concerns is cleanliness. Dermal fillers are applied through injection and so it is natural for you to want there to be diligent hygiene procedures in place. At Hertford Dental Care, we are happy to be transparent about all of the routines we go through to ensure you are getting the safest possible care at all times.


Dentists are already medical professionals who are experienced in working around the face. You want to work with someone who can be sensitive about your experience and is used to providing succinct advice on aftercare, effectiveness and cost within their treatment plans.

Choosing Hertford Dental Care for your dermal fillers

For many people, it is a powerful and yet sometimes daunting choice to go ahead and have dermal fillers. Hertford Dental Care can offer you reassurance and all the information you need to make the choice easy.

Dermal fillers are a procedure that needs repeating every six to twelve months in order to retain the effect. We would like you to choose us each time you are considering dermal fillers in Hertford. To that end, you will see we do everything possible to ensure you have a great experience from the minute you walk through the door.