Using Botox for wrinkle reduction

Botox is an effective option for wrinkle reduction without needing to have surgery. Hertford Dental Care offers a range of Botox-based treatments, which are provided by fully-trained and qualified medical professionals.

Indeed, if you are looking for Botox, wrinkle reduction, or facial aesthetics of any sort, you should always seek a medically-qualified practitioner, such as a doctor, nurse, or dentist, who has undergone accredited Botox and/or facial aesthetics training.

wrinkle-reductionAt our Hertford clinic we have an experienced team of trained practitioners, who have carried out many successful wrinkle reduction procedures using either Botox, dermal fillers, or a combination of both.

How treatment works

Botox is perhaps the best-known facial aesthetics procedure in the UK. It is primarily used for wrinkle reduction, although it has a range of other uses, from treating pockets under the eyes to helping to lessen the effects of excessive sweating.

Treatment involves the use of a purified form of the botulinum type A toxin, which is delivered as a gel via pain-free tiny injection here at our Hertford clinic. It works by forcing the tiny facial muscles below the surface to relax, which is excellent for wrinkle reduction because it smooths out the skin above, lessening the appearance of unwanted lines, wrinkles, and folds.

Suitable areas for treatment at our Hertford clinic include frown lines (between the eyebrows), crow’s feet (around the eyes), smoker’s lines (around the lips) and forehead lines.

Hertford Botox for wrinkle reduction

The Botox injections at our Hertford clinic are pain-free, and usually take just a few minutes to complete. As a guide, it usually takes between five and ten minutes to treat one area, which means it is possible to pop in for treatment during your lunch break.

Unlike dermal fillers, which have immediately visible results, it takes a few days for the full results of treatment to emerge. Indeed, they can take between four and seven days to fully appear, getting more and more obvious every day.

Botox treatment won’t last forever, but depending on the areas treated, it can be between four and six months before you need to return to our Hertford clinic for repeat treatment.