What are dermal fillers?

The fundamental reason why people use dermal fillers is that they have a plumping effect. This plumping smoothes out or fills in the area which has received the injection. Sometimes some areas of the face can lack the volume or fullness we desire. As your skin ages, it loses elasticity and becomes less supple. Lips lose their fullness and can acquire lots of fine lines along the top, especially if you have been a smoker. As we age, lines also appear around the mouth and nose area, and the cheeks become sunken or hollow. Dermal fillers in Hertford work as replenishment for the natural collagen and hyaluronic acid, natural production of which is reduced as we age. By replacing these two natural bodily chemicals, impressive results can be achieved easily and quickly.

Dermal fillers in Hertford are popular, non-invasive treatments that make it possible to restore volume to hollowed areas, to contour your face and to tackle fine lines and wrinkles. In Hertford, dermal fillers can add definition to your face and are particularly effective in creating more prominent cheeks, fuller lips and a fresher smoother appearance.

dermal-fillers-in-hertfordThe process

The area of your face receiving the dermal fillers treatment is cleansed, and a numbing cream is applied to make sure the injections cause minimal discomfort.

Your clinician at Hertford Dental Care, will then inject small quantities of dermal filler into the skin with an ultrafine needle, for maximum comfort levels during your treatment. Then your practitioner will gently massage the area to ensure a smooth and even distribution of the dermal filler.


Most people will have no problem going back to work immediately after treatment, as the procedure is fast and very effective. In Hertford, dermal fillers will be comfortable, fast and provide an effective and speedy recovery time.

After your dermal filler injections, you may experience some redness and minor swelling and in some cases, you may be slightly bruised. This feeling does not last long and your skin will return to normal within a day.

How long do dermal fillers last?

The effect of your dermal fillers can last between six and 12 months. After this time, subsequent follow up appointments at Hertford Dental Care may be beneficial and will ensure a long-lasting plumped-up effect.