Your go-to professional for Botox in Hertford is your dentist

Fine lines and wrinkles can make you look and feel much older. Although a natural phenomenon, the ageing process of your skin can be accelerated by dehydration, a poor diet, smoking and alcohol. Luckily, Botox treatments can smooth the skin and make wrinkles less visible. Even better, Botox is now offered by many dentists.

At Herford Dental Care, we offer Botox along with our standard dental services. You many choose to have the treatment on its own or in combination with a dental treatment for an impressive final result. Although some people may find it unusual for dentists to provide Botox, seeing a dentist for your aesthetic concerns over another health professional can be more cost-effective and beneficial.

botox-in-hertfordWhat is Botox and how is it used in dentistry?

Botox is a very popular cosmetic treatment and has been used in dentistry to treat patients with chronic moderate pain caused by a jaw disorder affecting the temporomandibular joint. However, the most common use for Botox is smoothing the fine lines and facial wrinkles of the forehead, between your eyes and around the corners of the eyes. Botox can also be used to treat high lip lines as well as help patients get used to new dentures.

Botox decelerates the movement of facial muscles, so that wrinkles don’t appear. It is remarkably safe to use and if administered correctly by a skilled dentist, expect to see results that last up to four months.

Why should you choose your dentist for Botox in Hertford?

If you wonder why you should visit a dentist for Botox and not another health professional, the answer is very simple. Dentists know the anatomy of the human face better than any other doctor. They are trained to study every facial muscle and their dynamics, while at the same time they are very familiar with injections. Since injections are an essential part of many dental treatments, your Hertford Dental Care dentist already knows how to precisely position the needle for maximum benefit.

If you would like to enhance your appearance with Botox in Hertford, give us a call and schedule an appointment today.