The Team

Narziya Jeewa, Diploma in Dental Hygiene
Therapy Royal College of Surgeons Of England 2016

Dental Therapist and Dental Hygienist
GDC No. 265877

Narziya graduated from Eastman Dental Hospital in 2016 as a Dental Hygienist and Dental Therapist. She performs routine scales and polishes for patients with healthy teeth. For those with advanced gum disease she can perform a "deep clean" known as root surface instrumentation for patients and where appropriate she will refer them onto the Periodontist. Narziya loves getting to know her patients, understanding what concerns them most about their teeth and the kind of lifestyle they have so that she can give them the best treatment and advice tailored to their needs. She will help patients to try and prevent diseases such as tooth decay and gum disease and maintain the highest standard of oral health by giving demonstrations, setting oral health goals for the next visit and doing a Diet Reviews. She also shows how to maintain the cleanliness of dental bridges, implants, dentures and braces and offers advice on how to manage a dry mouth.

As well as her Dentistry career she also has a BSc Hons Pharmacology and has worked in the Pharmaceutical industry. In addition to her career interests Narziya loves working out with her Personal Trainer, baking, going for walks and watching documentaries.